Celebrating Your Pet’s Life: 4 Places To Keep Your Pet’s Ashes


Losing a pet is never easy, especially if you can’t imagine living the rest of your life without your best friend. This is why some people choose to keep hold of their pet’s ashes after they pass away. However, deciding on the best way to turn pet ashes into keepsakes can actually be quite tricky.

Do you bury them and create a special memorial in your garden? Should you buy an urn and display this somewhere in your home? Truthfully, everyone’s choice is unique to them, and it is all about making the right one for you.

Here are our top suggestions for what to do with pet ashes – you could choose just one or do a combination of them all.

Scatter Some Ashes

While you might want to keep your pet’s ashes close by, it never hurts to scatter some of them in a spot that you can visit and be reminded of your memories together.

If your pet enjoyed a specific walk in the woods near your home, then why not scatter some of their ashes on the pathway or in the bushes? Similarly, if they enjoyed a dip in a certain lake, why not spread some there too? This way, every time you come back and visit, you’ll feel closer to them.

Bury Their Ashes

If you’d prefer to have a final resting place for your pet, then burying their ashes is always an option. Whether it’s in your own garden or a special place you enjoyed visiting together, you can bury an urn or a box with the ashes inside. Make sure to decorate the site with a marker or memorial plaque so you can find them easily whenever you desire.

Plant A Tree

Another beautiful way to remember a beloved pet is to plant a remembrance tree in their honour. You could even plant it alongside their ashes if you didn’t want to use a grave marker. Of course, different trees have different meanings, so do your research and pick one which best represents the personality of your furry friend.

Buy A Unique Urn

Keeping pet ashes at home in a unique urn is also a special way to remember them, and you can place the urn alongside other precious ornaments or memories.

Here at Remembered Forever, we have a wide range of items to choose from, including keepsake frames. There is a discrete compartment at the back of the frame for their ashes, and you can display your favourite photo alongside their collar or name tag in the front.

For more information or guidance on what to do with your pet’s ashes, browse our website and take a look at our keepsake range or click here to get in touch today.

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