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Printed Photo Frames
Create your personalised ashes
frame in 3 easy steps
Step 1: Choose your frame, add your personal
message and send us your digital images
Step 2: We print and manufacture
your frame by hand
Step 3: We carefully wrap and dispatch
your frame for FREE

Crafted & Personalised Pet Grave Markers 

Our pet grave markers are the perfect touch to mark your four legged best friend’s final resting spot. Simply place our markers into the ground on a flowerbed, grass or gravel for a beautiful memento to your beloved pet

Our bespoke grave markers are available in size options of small, medium or large. You can customise your marker by adding a photo along with a name, date and quote for the finishing touches.  

All of our markers come in colour, standard black and are made with high-grade aluminium and built-in UV protection, meaning longevity is guaranteed.