You’re Not Alone: Baby Loss Awareness Week 2023


Losing a baby or experiencing a stillbirth is a life-shattering event and while nothing can ever prepare you for it, it’s important to remember you are not alone.

Baby Loss Awareness Week is a significant event dedicated to raising awareness about pregnancy and infant loss as well as supporting families who have experienced such losses.

Whether you’ve suffered a recent infant bereavement or are still trying to come to terms with the death of a baby months or years ago, Baby Loss Awareness Week can offer another source of support and comfort.

When Is Baby Loss Awareness Week?

Baby Loss Awareness Week 2023 runs from October 9th to October 15th. It has been running for 21 years and is a way for anyone touched by pregnancy and baby loss to come together as a community in a supportive space and share their experiences.

What Happens During Baby Loss Awareness Week?

The week aims to break the silence surrounding baby loss, reduce stigma, and foster a supportive community for families grieving the loss of a baby.

Various activities and events are organised to honour the babies who have passed away and to support those who have been affected by the loss. This will include memorials, candlelit vigils, fundraising events, educational programmes, and online campaigns where anyone affected by loss can share their stories and receive support.

I’ve Recently Lost My Baby, What Support Is There For Me?

If your baby has died, we’re so sorry. Nothing can ever truly take away the pain you’re feeling, but there is support out there to help you through the grieving process and come to terms with your loss. The Baby Loss Awareness Week organisation has brought together six charities to form a baby loss awareness alliance which can offer a wealth of support and advice.

  • Sands is the leading charity for stillbirth and neonatal death and can help you through difficult times via its national helpline and its local support network. It works closely with healthcare professionals to ensure bereaved families receive the best care possible.
  • Bliss supports babies who are premature or sick with its aim being to ensure such babies get the best quality care and chance at life.
  • The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust provides information and support for women who have suffered ectopic pregnancy while the Lullaby Trust supports families who have lost babies through Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
  • The Miscarriage Association helps those who have lost a baby during pregnancy and Tommy’s is the UK’s largest charity funding research into pregnancy and baby loss.

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