Five Ideas For Making Your Dog’s Last Days Some Of Their Best


If your dog is unwell and the end is near, those last few days can be heart-wrenching.

It’s emotionally hard knowing you have just a little time left with your beloved companion, but you can make sure those final moments are filled with love and happy memories.

My Dog Is Dying What Do I Do?

Knowing your dog is reaching the end of their life is difficult to come to terms with for every dog owner. Dogs are very intuitive though and although you quite naturally feel grief and upset you don’t want your dog picking up on it in their last days. It may be hard to comfort your dying dog but try to make their remaining time as happy and joyful as possible. These final-day ideas can help:

1. Spend Quality Time Together

The best thing you can give your dog is time and attention. Try to give them one-on-one attention and lots of cuddles so they feel loved and appreciated when the end comes. If they’re still physically able, take them on gentle walks, or play their favourite games with them. If that’s too much for them, simply sitting with them and being present can give them great comfort.

2. Pamper Your Dog

The aim of this is to ensure your dog is as relaxed and comfortable as possible so, if they’re able, you could take them for a pamper session. Gentle massages, grooming, or even a professional pet spa can give them a wonderful end-of-life experience. If they’re too ill for such activities, simply gently stroking or brushing them, if that’s something they usually enjoy, can help give them a sense of peace and calm.

3. Take Them To Their Favourite Place

Your dog might enjoy a last walk in their favourite spot whether it’s the local park, a sunny beach, or a dense pine forest. Think about where they like to be the most and let them enjoy it one last time.

4. Give Them A Feast To End All Feasts

Provided your vet agrees, spoil them with their favourite foods and treats in their final days. Whether it’s a gourmet steak and rice or a juicy chicken breast cut into manageable chunks, there’s no harm in indulging their tastebuds.

5. Be There For Them

The most important thing you can do in your dog’s last days is to be there for them. Whether they pass naturally, or you need to take them to the vet, comfort them soothe them and offer words of reassurance. Gentle hugs and stroking can help keep them calm. Your presence and attention are among the most meaningful things you can offer.

Remembered Forever

After your dog passes it can be comforting to keep their ashes close by. A dog ashes keepsake can be a great way to remember them and have them near as you go through the grieving process. Visit our pet range today or get in touch to speak to one of our team.

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